Brien, USA

March 17, 2012

I am a white american living in Colorado. I recently became educated about the plight of Israel and the anti-Semitic propaganda being spread by Islam. I have studied extensively the world’s religions and can say that Islam does not qualify as a religion as it does not have the necessary spirituality that helps a person feel closer to God.

Are you discriminated because of your gender or religion?

What do you think about Islam?

Do you know the history of Palestine and that they do not have a legitimate claim on the territory of Israel?

Israel is a democracy with equal rights and duties for all its citizens (according to the Declaration of Independence- kind of a constitution, and the governmental system used in Israel). Generally speaking, one can say that there is no discrimination based on sex or religion, Israel has many minorities and all of them are equal facing law and civil rights.

Since Arab citizens  (one of many other minorities and “blood brothers” with the palestinians) do not serve in the army, it effects their ability to fully integrate into the public sector because that the military service has a great impact on the workplace market.

Islam in terms of any Israeli Jew is like any other religion or belief, however, because terrorist acts are usually performed by Muslims, it has a great impact on their views and public opinion in general. In many cases the victims of this terrorist acts are Muslims around the world who are disconnected from terrorism .

Lack of knowledge regarding human beings and their differences has a direct impact on their views and their activities, the only way to prevent any discrimination is through education, education and more education. This is true in Western countries and it is especially true in Muslim countries.

The land of Israel was conquered many times by different peoples, only in the 19th century, she moved from the rule of the Ottoman empire to the British mandat and then to the hands of the Jews (the creation of the state of Israel in 1948). If you look into history you can discover the land of Israel was conquered more times than any other land, you can read the Bible and discover a whole of history of the holly land and its people.
After the Second World War, the UN made the partition plan of the Land of Israel between Jews and Arabs but the Arabs refused to accept the partition plan and war broke out and the borders have changed accordingly.
Beyond any doubt we can say that at the beginning of the 19th century Arab tribes lived in the land of Israel (no body called them Palestinians because they were nomads,  when the 1948 war broke out they fled to Arab countries and in fact the Palestinians refugee problem was created, this is the most highly publicized conflict in the 19th century, the conflict in the Middle East.

PS: At the same time many Jews who lived in Arab countries were expelled from them at around this time, not to mention of course the Holocaust and the flight of European Jews into various countries including America and Israel.


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