Rawi, Canada

March 19, 2012

I’m a 26 y/o guy, living in Canada, and i follow closely the Israel-palestinian conflict for a few years now.

Firstly, I would like to give you my full support. You are definitely brave and courageous, and may God bless you all.

My question is, Who are you fighting exactly? Are fighting the islamist ideology itself (which i believe is a cult that needs to be demolished), or are you fighting a group of people who happen to have evil aggendas and goals?

The reason why i am asking is the conflict in the eyes of the palestinian is way deeper than just conflict of land. It is well-documented in islam that “muslims have to fight and kill the jews” and that “jews are nothing but apes and pigs” as quoted by the prophet of islam. I wanted to know what you think about this, and what the majority of Israeli soldiers think.

Thanks Lirut!! Hope to hear from you. God bless you sister.


Your question is very complicated and has no simple answer, The Palestinian territory is ruled by different Palestinians organizations  and  militant fractions with different political agendas.

However, the ruler in Gaza is Hamas (a terrorist organization by definition), but there are more militant groups that holds weapons and arms which they use against Israel.

Islamic ideology is uneven and unfortunately  the organizations in Gaza are the most extremist  and they support the destruction of Israel and have no will for political solution.

It is a very complex situation and its difficult to give a simple answer,  I hope that my answer allows you a better understanding of the situation.

Many things are written in the Quran but the interpretation of the text by the believers is the thing that matters..

The conflict as it appears in the mass media is about land and territory, but of course that it is more completed then that , the conflict is fed by  religion, faith and  radical Islam ideology.

We try not do deal with Islam because we want to avoid war between religions , the Palestinians have chosen their leaders (even if not democratically ), the terrorist activity of these organizations represent the will of the Palestinians. hatred of Jews was not born with the creation of Israel and it is deeper in the hearts of many Arabs and Palestinians.

No one really examines the history of the Land of Israel and world media is fed with false information that has nothing to do with reality and the situation on the ground.

The Israeli soldiers do not engage in political matters, soldiers are soldiers with the role of soldiers, the Israeli army is a “Defense” army and its role is to protect the country’s borders and the citizens.

I do not really believe there is a chance for peace as long as there is incitement in the education of any Palestinian from early age. The Palestinians  grow with the ideology of hate and violence, and its hard to see any positive solution in the near future.

Palestinians do not seek  for peaceful solution and they also do not believe in the right of Jews to have their own Land/state.

The situation is not simple, but the citizens of Israel strive for peace and dream of peace, but they are also willing to fight for their independence and their faith.

The situation looks very bad but we never lose the faith in Peace.


Thank you!

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