Allan, New Zealand

March 20, 2012

I am a pro-Israeli supporter, living in New Zealand.

What was your biggest achievement while serving in the IDF?

Hey Allen,

I don’t know if I can take my entire service and put one thing as an achievement. The fact is that after I enlisted I worked hard to get to the unit I wanted (in the IDF you don’t always get your preference regarding where you serve) and that gave me motivation to serve my country the best way I could in the boundaries of my position. This is I think my achievement- the fact that you take the responsibilities and assignments given to you (not by choice) and do them the best way you can. It requires you to see the greater goal before your own personal interests. The goal of the IDF, the necessity of Israel in a strong, well organized army. And sometimes when you get into your everyday routine in the base its hard to keep that in mind.

So yeah I cant really pin point an achievement cause for me it was all a port of one mission- to serve my country when it needs me, and to serve it well.


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