Nathan, USA

April 6, 2012

US Army Veteran, Specialist, Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist, served in Korea and Iraq. In Iraq was in a Tactical Operation Center and mainly worked as a dispatcher. I am a Campaign organizer for Ron Paul for President 2012. graduated Computer Automated Manufacturing, enjoy books, television, foreign relations, and cooking

I worry that my country will invade Iran sometime or that Israel will invade Iran. I try my hardest to campaign for Ron Paul for president because he is for peace. Do you believe our countries will cause conflict? I believe if we get the wrong President elected that it may happen and I hope not.

Thank you and God Bless.

Hey Nathan,

I am unsure about the US government policy regarding invading Iran, cause from what I witnessed on the news Obama does not seem pro any type of such action for now. On the Israeli part, and I am basing my things strictly on what I witnessed in the media (not always credible), it does seem like there is more of a chance to attack Iran. Our prime minister, Netanyahu, has made it clear in the press that he sees such action as necessary if Iran will in fact be proven as a threat to Israel’s safety and existence (for to its intentions in developing nuclear weapon).

I am not a pro war Person, don’t think anyone is, but if there is an actual threat to my country’s safety I hope the right people will be in charge and make the right decisions. Violence and war isn’t the answer cause we are still left with the same disagreements when its over, but in the short time that Israel exists war is an inseparable part of our history because we really are under a constant security treat from our neighbor countries. And even further ones such as Iran.

As far as I see it if you are attacked or going to be attacked you need to do your best to defend yourself and the people in your country. So again, regarding both of our countries I hope no war or any type of confrontation will be needed, but if such a thing occurs I think it will be more of a response to an already existing conflict rather than the causing of one. That’s just my point of view.


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