Patrick, USA

April 6, 2012

I am a 31 year old father, living in the USA. Curious about the middle east, scared for the entire world, and a lover of Israel

What is life actually like in Israel? Are you constantly in fear?

What are your honest opinions of the Palestinians and Iranians?

Do you have any Palestinian friends?

Hey Patrick!

Ok so it got straight to the point:) i do not live in fear in Israel. right now there is not war, there is a constant treat from terror attacks and that’s no fun to say the list, but they happen a lot less often today since Israel’s increase of security forces in the borders with gaze and the west bank Palestinian cities. And by terror attacks I refer usually to bombing or suicide bombings. But like I said they don’t happen so often in the past few years.

The main issue to fear today in Israel is the rockets attacks from both Gaza (into southern Israel) and Lebanon (into Israel’s northern boarder), rockets from Gaza are still launched into the country, causing great fear for the population in the south and does put lives in danger. However, I live in the center of the state and here we live in a ‘bubble’ if you can call it that. Our lives are not affected by the rockets and its mostly sunny routine lives.

Put aside all the news coverage about Israel, this country has some amazing places to see and fun things to do, that are not impacted by the conflict. its an amazing country and it is nothing like the you will get by viewing news/media coverage.

As far as the other questions go, I do not have any Palestinian friend, I think it is because the lack in interaction opportunities. I have met no Palestinians in any of my life ‘steps’, such as school for example. I have interacted with Palestinians, and I have never had a negative experience, but it was on a daily more superficial level. So I cannot say I have a Palestinian friend. Still, its not the rarest thing. I know a lot of people with Palestinian friends.

I think Palestinians and Iranians are human beings, such as the rest. But I do fear sometimes of the consequences if our nations wont be able to solve the issues between them. For not it doesn’t seem like things are going in the right direction. I feel there is a lot of hate and lack of understanding.

I can say I know that about Iraq but I am familiar with the Palestinian authority and I can say that there is an education to hate Israel. From a very early age there is an education for violence and hate in a ‘brainwashing’ way. And so I just fear for the future cause to get any type of agreement and moving forward with the peace process I think we just need to see each other as humans, hatred can’t be the way to peace.


Thank you!

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