Mic, USA

May 6, 2012

Former Marine, and now Gov’t employee with over years service. Living in America’s Southwest (Arizona) near the Mexican Border. 

Do you feel that a majority of the people you communicate with daily, feel a true sense that we here in the U.S. (not as a gov’t) support the life style and goals of the Jewish people?

On a personal level, do you feel that the Palestinian people (not a party) would prefer to live and function as one state, under a constitution similar to ours ? Of is there just no way possible?

Not knowing how to state my question, i’ll give it a try anyway. Is the use of an Arabic Language an issue in within Israel?

Hi Mic,

First and foremost I’d like to thank you for your service. I’ve got several friends who have served in the Marines both in Iraq and Afghanistan so I’ve heard the stories. I’ve got nothing but respect for what you guys do and have to endure.

I can’t really say that I feel that Americans as a people actively support the goals and life style of the Jewish people. I say this as someone who spent nearly 20 years of my life in the US and now lives here (4 1/2 yrs). My impression is that Americans as a whole are a bit disconnected from the world outside of North America. On more than one occasion I’ve spoken to Americans who think that people in Israel get around on camels, live in tents, and get shot at on a daily basis. While I find this largely amusing, I cannot help but also feel a little bit worried too. I think the Israeli people as a whole feel that they have the support of the American government but ultimately the feeling here is that we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves, particularly on security related issues.

Hmm good question. My short answer is that I would hope so. I think that ultimately what every person wants is to be able to live in a productive life free of threats, fear, poverty, and disease. My personal opinion is that a paradigm shift in the way of thinking must occur both within the Palestinian society and within the Palestinian government. I think that once they stop blaming Israel for all the problems in their society and start taking responsibility and investing in their economy instead of purchasing arms, prosperity and stability will naturally ensue. I’m not sure what role a constitution would play in a Palestinian state. I certainly don’t imagine it to resemble the US constitution. I think that a Palestinian constitution would be heavily influenced by Islamic law and tradition which like many other religions, is undemocratic by nature. While it is often difficult to be optimistic about a prosperous Palestinian state, I will forever remain hopeful. I really feel like the only way to establish long-term stability is by filling the refrigerators and wallets of Palestinians. As long as their economy is in shambles they’re going to just keep blaming everything on Israel and the cycle will never end.

I don’t think the use of the Arabic language is an issue in Israel. Hebrew and Arabic are recognized as the two official national languages and as such, nearly all the road signs in Israel are written in Hebrew, English, and Arabic. Furthermore, Arabic is taught in Israeli public schools just as Spanish and French are taught in the US and much of the Hebrew slang is rooted in the Arabic language as well. It is accepted as a national language however I do feel like an underlying prejudice exists among Israeli society towards Arabic speakers or those who speak Hebrew with an Arabic accent.

Thanks for checking out the site Mic. I apologize for taking a while to respond as I’ve been inundated with correspondences lately. Take care!


Man….I have to say those where EXCELLENT answers, and I really do appreciate that you (and the forum) are out there.

I guess i can’t disagree with you on the first answer…which is why i took this route in getting answers from people that are in the place of my concern.

If you don’t mind I will continue to send questions for you.

example…I’d really love to be able to paraglide somewhere in Israel. Is it even an option? Your country makes the best paragliders I know of and i thinks it must be possible (without air space restrictions i mean).

Thanx again


Hey Mic..

Glad I was able to answer your questions… and thanks for the kind words. Thanks for taking the time to ask and understand. Ignorance is a comfortable thing… I praise anyone who is brave enough to venture outside of its constraints. Feel free to ask me or any of the soldiers on Friend A Soldier about anything.. that’s what we’re here for.

As for paragliding.. it’s a pretty popular sport here… I often see para-gliders hovering over the Tel Aviv coastline during the summer. There are a few other popular spots for paragliding here… particularly in the North…  Mt. Gilboa not far from where I used to live is famous for its paragliding. Here’s a video clip I found

I’ve never tried it but it looks like an awesome sport. Wind sports are pretty popular here… the beach near my house is almost always packed with kite-boarders and wind surfers.. Hope you come visit.


Thank you!

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