Amaar, Yemen

April 29, 2012

For Jewry who live in Yemen how they can contact Israeli however there is no embassy?

Do you think it is a valor to kill Sheikh Ahmed Yassin While he was being wheeled out of an early morning prayer session, by using AH-64 Apache helicopter ????

How many Palestinians did you killed ??

Hi Amaar,

I’m not entirely sure how Yemenite Jewry can contact Israelis as I know there are no official diplomatic ties between the two countries. I would assume that any contact would have to be mediated by the Jewish Agency which focuses on issues relating to Diaspora Jews. I know this is the protocol with Jews living in Iran and other Islamic countries so I assume the same is true for Yemen.

I don’t think that there is any valor in killing anything. I understand that when you kill something, you are not just killing that individual person. You also kill a small part of the person’s family and friends. Just like I’m sure Sheik Ahmed Yassin had many people who respected him and were close to him, so did the dozens of Israeli men, women, and children he killed. Let’s not forget who we’re talking about here. The man made it is goal in life to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible. The consequences for deliberately targeting civilians should have been clear to Yassin. Do I think that using an Apache helicopter is the best way to do it? Probably not. I am not the head of the Israeli Security services or the IDF so I don’t have all the details to make a full assessment, but if I was in charge I would probably opt for a method which would minimize civilian casualties such as in the case of Yahya Ayyash or Imad Mughniyah. I think the Palestinians are finally beginning to realize that non-violent protest serves as a much more effective way of resistance. Peace will come when we stop giving each other excuses to kill.

I have never killed a Palestinian or anyone else for that matter. Furthermore, the only thing I have ever fired my weapon at is a cardboard target in a shooting range. I hope I am never put in a position where I would have to kill anyone. Despite what many of the Palestinian media outlets may claim, the vast majority of IDF soldiers have never killed anyone or even fired their rifle at anyone . I hope we never have to. Believe me Amaar, we are all just young people who would rather go out with friends to the beach or to the movies than have to fight Palestinians. We are busy with school or work and do not have time to fight. It is not something we do because we want to. We do it because sometimes we are left with no choice.

السلام عليكم


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