Patricia, UK

May 4, 2012

I am living in Scotland (UK) I am a widow.I do some ISRAEL Advocasy talks, to groups and schools and wherever possible. I would like to do a course in IA, but maybe i am not young enough!


Did you come across harassement from “peace activists”, and how did you deal with it. Do you think these people should be allowed to harrass soldiers?

What is the best way for us here, who really care about Israel, to deal with the propoganda and lies that we hear/read almost daily?

What else can we do for you all??

Hi Patricia,

First and foremost, thank you for all your support. It really means a lot and is not taken for granted. You should absolutely take a course in Internationally Affairs if it’s something that interests you. Age has nothing to do with it… it is never too late to learn something new. I am studying International Relations currently and I can tell you that it definitely alters the way in which you read and understand the daily news and current events.

I did in fact come across harassment from “peace activists” during my military service. My patrol was tasked with escorting a busload of “Peace Now” activists through the West Bank and protecting them from ultra-right wing Israeli settlers in the area. As they disembarked from their bus they immediately began to instigate provocations with us (the soldiers) by videotaping us, zooming in on our weapons, calling us names, and trying to force us to react when we were in fact under orders to protect them. Request by us to stop filming were ignored. It is ultimately their right to exercise free speech but there are lines which should not be crossed. Anything which may jeopardize the safety of our soldiers cannot be tolerated. Furthermore, I am strongly opposed to these kinds of tasks being undertaken by the IDF. Soldiers should not have to intervene in situations involving civilians as there are too many grey areas involved which can lead to unintended consequences. I’m of the opinion that the police force should be utilized in such cases. As my commanders sensed that our presence was only going to lead to an escalation, we boarded our vehicles and left them to fend for themselves.

I think that the best way to deal with the propaganda is to fight fire with fire. Just as organizations such as the BDS movement serve to delegitimize Israel, we should unite to delegitimize their claims by disregarding them. BDS gets more attention than they deserve as far as I’m concerned. Their claims are flawed and biased. If someone wants to make a case whether it is for or against something, all of the facts should be reviewed objectively. I find it amusing that many of these organizations create and promote their anti-Israel rhetoric using technology that was developed in Israel. If they’re going to make it a point to boycott Israel… I hope they are ready to give up their cell phones, usb flash drives, intel powered computers, and more.

Tell your friends about our site! While it is always great to hear from Israel supporters and we welcome every correspondence, we feel like we can be most effective by engaging those who don’t always agree with us. If you come across anyone who has doubts regarding Israeli and IDF policy or just has some questions they seek clarity on… I encourage you to refer them to our site. We certainly don’t hold all the answers but we try our best to paint an objective and informative picture for our visitors.

Thanks for the kind words!


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