Sarah, United Arab Emirates

May 6, 2012

I believe that there are so many Jews (the Palestinian Jews) have the right to live in the holy land..but wot about the others who converted to judism in the past centuries?!

Do they have the right to live and act like the real  Jews??  

Like nowadays Israelis who mostly looks like europians not like the real Israelis who looks like Arabs. In my opinion most  Israelis  converted to judism in the past centuries and they fight to live in a place which doesn’t belong to them. Sorry 4 my bad English,


Hi Sarah,

I’m also a coffee addict, but I’ve never been to Japan. I’d really love to go there soon, it looks very beautiful.

You’re question is a very good one. Nobody knows exactly where European Jews come from, and there is a lot of argument about it. There have been many studies about it but even Jews don’t have one opinion. I read an article recently that talks about this very issue. It also talks about how there is a DNA strain in many European Jews that leads to their Middle Eastern origin. However, there are certainly Jews that have converted (although probably fewer than we think) and not all European Jews have this DNA strain.

Many of Europe’s Jews originally come from the Middle East (although most aren’t Arab, but are Berber and other ethnic groups of the Middle East) and they were certainly mixed with their European communities, which may make them look more ‘European’.

However, I don’t like the idea of telling people where they can live based on how they look. Many Arabs have red hair and light skin, many look European. In Europe and America there are many black people, Arabs and Asians and they have every right to live there and participate in democracy.

In my opinion, telling Jews that they can’t be real Israelis because they look different is no different from telling my friend Jamal that he can’t be a real Palestinian because he looks white.

Your English, by the way, is excellent. There is no need to say sorry,


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