Alex, United Kingdom

May 5, 2012

Hi Josh

I’m a father of three living in the UK. Volunteered on a kibbutz in the 80s. As a Christian I fully support the State of Israel to exist as a sovreign state and defend itself.

How do you feel as an Israeli fighting to defend your country?

What do you think about the proposed ‘two state solution’?

Do you have any friends who are Israeli Arabs? Are they happy to live in Israel?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting in touch, we really appreciate it.

Personally, I feel that it is a duty to defend the country as an Israeli and one that is incumbent on most citizens. I think that it is part of the fabric of our society and one of the things that creates the sense of community that I feel so strongly here. I am, however, constantly humbled in my contribution by people who sacrifice an incredible amount for our safety and I hold them in the highest possible regard.

I think that a two-state solution is the only outcome that will allow both Israeli and Palestinian people to live prosperous lives in peace. Sadly, I think that too much animosity has built up over the last few decades for us to jump into peaceful coexistence in one country and that violence would be an inevitable outcome of that path. A Palestinian state that live in security next to an Israeli state is a dream of mine, one that I hope to live to see.

I do have Israeli Arab friends, several in fact. I used to play American football on a team with many Israeli Jews and Arabs and many of us became close friends. It seems to me, although I cannot speak for them, that my Israeli Arab friends are happy living in Israel, and have little desire to move a future Palestinian state. However, there are many things that they (and I) would like to see change in Israel to make it a better home for them. There is, sadly, far too much casual racism in Israel, and there are institutions and laws that treat our Arab community unfairly. If we can rectify these, then I am sure that my Israeli Arab friends would be able to have a completely positive relationship with Israel.

All the best,


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