Diane, Switzerland

August 12, 2012

Hello David,

I hope you will received this message, not like the others you did not receive. Computer are sometimes strange…when it works, it’s wonderful but when computer doesn’t work, you just want to put them through the window ! I will tell you a little about myself. I live in Switzerland, in the city of Lausanne. We have a beautiful lake but I prefere the sea. I love the sea and swimming and make walks on the beach. I like very much human contact, meet new people, share with them. I like very much chocolate. As you know, we have some delicious chocolat in Switzerland and I like also eat nutella with spum. I can as I do not take any kilo. I like very much children, baby, nature, sunset (in Israel they are beautiful).

I am christian and I love Israel and its people. I am also a very sensitive woman and I hate injustice. I have been 7 times in Israel and I will go back there in exatly 1 week, on monday 30. With easy jet, it is cheap. El Al is really very expensive. My first travel in Israel was in June 2009 and I visited many places in the country. I falled in love of Israel and I have some friends there. During my last travel, a jewish family invited me in their home for 1 night in Maale Adumim. I remember I took the sherout from the central bus station in tel aviv till the station biniane Hahuma in Jerusalem and then a bus till the canyon in Maale Adumim and then the woman of the family pick me up in the canyon shop. I knew this jewish family by a friend of me who lives in Lausanne and who also loves Israel very much. I bring them chocolate from Switzerland which was very much appreciated.

I know a man who has a stand every 2 weeks in the center of Lausanne and writes a newspaper, the name is : christian friends of Israel. If you want to have a look, I give you the e-mail address : cfi@cfijerusalem.org and www.cfijerusalem.org. This Man writes this news paper in french for swiss people but on the website, you also have it in english. Go and have a look, it can be a great encouragement for you. He has contact with this association of CFI in Israel, help poor people in Israel, and soldiers and so on…I will spend some days in Israel with Sarah my friend, who is the daughter of this man. My mother loves also very much Israel. She has a beautiful picture of Jerusalem in her bedroom and she prays very oft for the peace of Jerusalem. I have made so many beautiful photos during all my vacation in Israel. I like very much the sea with hot water and the fine sand. Made nice walks on the tayalet. I know some restaurants in Jaffa like the cardo in the street sderot Jerushalaim where the post office is. I have a good adress of a guesthouse where I stay in Jaffa. Just 230 shekels by night for me with breakfest. This is an hostel and the name is Beit Immanuel. Have you hear about it ? I am looking forward to be in Israel very soon…I know in advance I will have beautiful holiday. God bless you Diane

Have you been in Switzerland ?

What was the most difficult you had in the army ?

Hi Diane,

It’s refreshing to hear lovely stories like that about Israel. It sounds like you have a great time when you are here.

I love the sea very much too. I spent most of my last weekend at the beach with friends. It was great.

I was in Switzerland in the winter of 2005 for a few days, Zurich and Geneva specifically. They are beautiful cities and I got my fair share of cheese and chocolate too.

The greatest difficulty I had to overcome was learning Hebrew. When I joined the army, I had very little knowledge of the language. It was difficult to make friends and learn my profession. Luckily I picked up the language quickly and by the end I had no major troubles.

Thanks for your blessings and I hope you have a great holiday here.


Hello David,

I am now just in the cyber in Jaffa, Bali is the name. Tomorrow I go to Jerusalem with my friend Sarah to see a israli jewish friend of her.We love Israel very much. 2 days ago, joung soldiers came to us on the beach. They wanted to come into our hostel but we did not want as we are serious. We responded them that me and Sarah are serious. I told them that we pray for Israel and we love jewish people. Men here : they are like David in the ware and like Schlomo with women. I found yesteday a very beautiful restaurant in Neve Tzede, the name is Dallal, you eat good but expensive. Today I saw and Israel friend on the beach. We kept in touch from my last vacacion in Israel in September. Maybe, we can have a drink, coffee together, if it is ok for you. I will go back to Switzerland on the 21 of May. God bless you Diane 

Can we have a coffe together ?

Do you prefere the life in Israel or in Australia ?

Hi Diane,

Sounds like you are having a great time here. The food in Jaffa is great. I liked you description of Israeli men, it made me laugh.

I prefer life in Israel. I feel at home here. It can often be more difficult than life in Australia, but it is far more rewarding.

As a general rule I don’t meet up with people from the site. But thank you anyway for the offer.

If you want any recommendations for things to do or places to see, I would be more than happy to help.


Hello David,

Of course, you don’t have any connection with products of dead sea as you, MEN, you usually do not put any cream on your face or on your body !

An other subject which have nothing to do with cream is the security in airport. Each time when I am back to Switerzerland, the security in Ben Gurion controlled me a lot, even my body and each time, I feel me hurted as I am absolutly not a terrorist or something like that. I am only dangerous for spider and mosquitos :-)))) because sometimes I kill spider or mosquitos. It is incredible because when I am in Israel, everybody trust me and find me very nice and a lot of men find me very beautiful and want to invite me in their home.

Of course, I will return to Israel, as I love Israel, but I really don’t like all of these control at airport. I feel like discriminated. I must admit, I am very sensitive and I hate injustice.¬†

Can you explain me ?


Hi there Diane,

Security at Ben Gurion Airport is very good. I have heard it is the best in the world (as it should be). You shouldn’t feel discriminated against. They do not know you and, as such, treat you like everybody else. This is not what I would call an “injustice”. I am an Israeli citizen who gets put through the same treatment too. I don’t mind answering their questions as I know they are trying to ensure the security of the airport and everyone there. As we have seen recently in Bulgaria, you don’t need to look suspicious or like an Islamist militant to carry out a terrorist attack. That’s why everyone gets checked.


One more thing, I feel discriminated as I always defend Israel when I hear lies against Israel and jewish people like some people who say to me that israeli army kill children or baby in gaza or something like that, I respond them that it is not true, medias tell lies against Israel or other bad thing about jewish people. I believe in the propheties of the bible which say that Israel is the promise land of jewish people. I believe very strong in the bible. I told to some israeli men just to laugh : your army is not ‘israeli defense force soldiers’ but ‘israeli love force soldiers’ ! as you love so much women in ISrael ! like Schlomo in the bible ! I like kidding. Very good for the health to laugh.

Do you pray sometimes ?


Hi Diane,

As I said in the previous email, you have no reason to feel discriminated against. My mother also gets checked all the time.

It’s good that you respond to the falsehoods about the Israeli army and its actions. It is very important that people hear/know this.

I do not pray as I am not religious or a believer. I do however like to learn about the religion, history and stories that Judaism offers.


Thank you!

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