Anne, UK

May 11, 2012

I am a greatgranny, I feel I am very well informed about Israel. I visited in 1990. I read ynetnews and read the Bible which is all about your history which came from the Jewish Prophets. I get other reliable news as well.

You are back in the promised land after 2000 years and speaking the pure language (Hebrew) thanks to Eliezer Ben-Yehuda.

At present Israel has only 15% of the land promised. With the Eu etc when do you think Israel will be allowed to claim what was promised to Abraham Issac and Jacob?

Hi there Anne,

I don’t think that Israel’s borders will be “allowed” expand to include any more territory than what it currently has. If anything, I think you will see a reduction in Israel’s total area, with the probable creation on a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria.

Not many Israelis want all the biblical lands and are happy with what we have. I think amongst the religious communities you will find more people wanting the land promised by God, and only then when the Messiah comes.

Thanks for your question.


Hi David

Thank you for your reply. It is a privilege to be able to chat to you. I understand the difficult job you have. I wish you well.

Do Arabs from Gaza or Israel join IDF? I guess it would be difficult to trust them if they are not loyal to your country. It must be annoying to have America tell you to stop building, well no one can stop you building up, the sky is the limit.

I hear of a boycott, how is that affecting your economy. I wrote to some supermarkets telling them I am happy to buy from Israel. I would buy from settlements too if the products are on the shelves, in the UK most of the products are from other places I notice.

I will do my best to praise Israel when given the chance.

Hi Anne,

Arabs from Gaza do not join the IDF. However, Arabs do join and fight in the IDF. In my unit we had Druze, Muslim Bedouins, Filipinos and Christians. There are also units especially for Druze soldiers which are able to look after the special dietary and religious requirements of the soldiers. Last week a Muslim from East Jerusalem was awarded a medal of excellence in the Independence Day ceremony. This is rare as most Muslim don’t serve in the army or other national service programs because, as you said, they are not loyal to Israel.

In regards to the building in Judea and Samaria (the west bank), I am more frustrated by settlers who break the law and decide to build where ever they like. They have a complete disregard for Israeli law and they need to be dealt with. Not all building is illegal and a lot of the time issues/disputes regarding land ownership go through the courts.

Thank you for your support of Israel and Israeli products. Despite what you may hear, Palestinian blood is not, as a matter of fact, used to make Israeli fruit grow better.

Thanks for your blessings and praise. Have a great weekend.


Thank you!

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