Abderrahmen, Tunisia

May 12, 2012

I’m 23 years old , from tunis , there is nothing special to tell , i’m a normal person ..

Do you have any idea how many people suffer because of your army ?

What make a girl take a weapon and kill people ? you are forced to do this ? or this is a choice ? 

I don’t know , can’t find another question maybe because i already know the answer , what do you think about muslims

Hi Abderrahmen,

I am aware that people suffer all over the world, it is an unfortunate reality. I think that many people in Gaza / the West Bank suffer not necessarily at the hands of the Israeli Defense Force, but rather at the hands of their leaders and/or terrorists, that hide behind them. I agree that the IDF is not perfect but if she does not protect Israel, no one will.

All that I ever shot with my weapon was cardboard targets.

I think that the Islam is a beautiful religion with a rich history and that its followers, just like with Christianity or Judaism, can be true to their religion and good, pious people, or they cannot be.

Thank you for your questions,


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