Susan, USA

May 15, 2012


I am a Christian who loves Israel. I am a former school teacher as well but I currently work in a hospital. The recession has hit us hard in the US.

If you are a religious person how do you view the current situation in Israel? In light of biblical prophecy what do you see occurring next?

How do most Israelis view Americans? Are you all aware that despite our current administration most of us back Israel?

Tell me what an average day in Israel is like for you.


Hi Susan,

For your first question, I’m not a religious person, so I can’t really answer you about that.

As for your second question-its hard for me to answer about most Israelis. I can say that I know that a lot of Americans support Israel.

An average day in Israel isn’t really different from a day in any other western country. Most of us live our day to day life just like anyone else does. I hope that helps, feel free to ask me any other questions you think of,

all the best,


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