Domenic, Canada

May 16, 2012

5’10” master electrician, teaching krav maga during my days off and also learning more about it.

Have you taken krav maga while you were a solider in idf?

I would like to meet you and have you as my life time friend. Hopefully you acheive your goal and one day soon you and I can meet for coffee

Dear Domenic,

I’m not an expert in Krav Maga but I’ve been initiated into its first stages in my second grade at school already and I’ve had some of course during my army training. I’ve never taken it any further nor have I used it in practice but it has always given me a sense of self-confidence and composure.

Coffee might have been nice except that I’m sure you’ll understand that for reasons of personal-security the terms of this website preclude it. However, ill be very happy to correspond with you on any given subject.

Yours truly,


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Thank you!

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