Mahmoud, Egypt

May 18, 2012

I am muslim Egyptian

Is Israel of killing children achieve its goals?

What is the most important building of settlements or the security of Israel?

Israel supported by the kidneys and partly from the United States in all fields, but when Egypt supports Palestine. You reject this. Why?

Dear Mahmoud,

Thank you very much for your letter.

I must tell you that I greatly admired the courage of the Egyptian youth in Tahrir square.

I’ve never killed anybody nor has anyone that I know, nor is Israel about killing any civilians, which I suspect you know.

The security of Israel is very important to me. Some in Israel think that building settlement supports that security. However, they are in the minority and the majority in Israel, which as you know is a democracy, is ready and has been ready for many years to enter a peace treaty with the Palestinians including handing over 100% of the land of the West Bank to a newly formed Palestinian state (with minor mutual border corrections) together with Gaza, 100% of which we have handed over in 2005 already. Our former Prime Minister Olmert has offered as much to the Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas but sadly Mr. Abbas had declined.

I have no problem with Egypt supporting Palestinians if it is in their quest for a peaceful independent state alongside the Jewish state of Israel. And I very much hope that this will be achieved in the future just like Egypt and Israel have enjoyed peaceful relations for many years now. What in your opinion is the future of our peaceful relations?

Yours truly,


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