Pantelis, Greece

May 20, 2012

Hi Gal,

I am Pantelis from Greece I am 43 yo, chif editor of the “Armies & Tactics” magazine, a journalist on defence matters and a writer of military history books. I have many Jews friends in Greece, including Jacob Frizis, the son of the Hero colonel of the Greek Army, Mordechai Frezis.

I want to ask you about the klima in Israel about Turkey and Greece. What you thing about my country ?

I know that IDF does not include “killers” or “criminals”. But I want to know who do to you feel , when people, without knowledge characterize as such.

You thing that Israel had lost the propaganda war against it’s opponentes?

What you thing about the midleeast situation, especially after the the end of Syria crisis ?

Dear Pantellis,

Thank you very much for writing to me. I share your admiration to the Hero Mordechai Frizis. It is surely an honor to be a friend to his son.

I love your country. I had occasions to visit on holiday several of your islands and I loved it. The beautiful beaches and mountains, the picturesque white towns, the melodious music, the excellent food and the very amiable people. I love everything about your country. I’m very glad that relations between Israel and Greece have warmed up in recent years. I’m sure that they’ll get even better in the future.

The IDF is very particular about who in Israel is drafted and no one with a police record or a blemish to his character is drafted into the army. And when I was in the army we were constantly educated and tested on out ethics as soldiers. From my experience and the experience of my friend, a good number of whom were combat soldiers, there was never an occasion in which they deviated from the high standard of ethics in the IDF. No deviations are lightly taken and if there are any they are severely treated by IDF military courts. So I feel that in the vast majority of cases any accusation thrown at the IDF in this regard is mostly motivated by people speaking from their own position and preconceived bias and prejudice.

I’m full of admiration for the youngsters in Tunisia and Tahrir Square in Egypt and all over the Middle East, who rose against their dictators and even more so in Syria now. I am very worried however about the final outcome of this rising, which so far looks like the taking over of those countries by the Muslim Brotherhood fundamentalists.

Yours truly,


Thank you!

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