Mohammed, Egypt

May 27, 2012

Engineer, palestinian loving palestine so much. Never hate israeli people, hate the israeli army, hate the way israeli people looking to Palestinians.

can you live in palestine safely?

can i live in israel safely? realy ..

can we stop the war and keep all the land in safe and its history too??

Dear Mohammed,

Thank you for your letter and question worthy of an educated man such as yourself.

I don’t hate anybody. We were never raised to hate, not even when suicide bombers were killing innocent women and children, making our streets and busses and coffee shops unsafe for us for a while. Thank god we over came in large measure thanks to the IDF and our security forces. That does not mean that it is unsafe for Palestinians in Israel, in fact more than one million Palestinian Arab live in Israel as fully fledged citizens just as safely as any other citizen. I’m afraid this could not be said for any Israeli who wonders even if inadvertently into the territory of the Palestinian Authority, many of them are stoned and several were killed and even lynched by a Palestinian lynch mob. However, lately there have also been cases where Israelis who wondered into the Palestinian Authority were safely escorted back by honorable village gentlemen. I hope that augurs well for the future, I do look forward, like you, to a more peaceful time, where Palestinians may live in peace and prosperity in a democratic Palestinian state of their own along side the secure Jewish state of Israel. Can you accept that?

Yours truly,


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