Salem, Yemen

May 28, 2012

No one is qualified to talk about himself, but basically am a person who has no problems of listening to others even if they are Israelis as they we are (enemies)for that i wana get to you to know on what ground we are standing is it mutual or not?

why you hate the arabs?

why you kill the Palestinian though they are defending them selves?

are you really seeking peace which last forever & do you believe deep down we can reach that point, with the current situations?

Dear Salem,

Thank you very much for your letter. I’m always happy to talk to good listeners. I try to listen myself.

I don’t hate anyone. I never have. It was not in my education nor apart of the education system for everybody in Israel.

Shelling the south of Israel by terrorist organizations from Gaza with thousands of rockets is not exactly self defense, especially since the Israeli Defense Forces evacuated Gaza completely in 2005 already. I must say I would have expected the Palestinians to make a success story of Gaza ever since and leave in peace and prosperity along side the Jewish state of Israel. I think under such conditions the IDF would have been out of the West Bank (with minor land exchanges) a long time ago. There’s a majority for it in democratic Israel. Prime Minister Olmert’s government was elected on that ticket and it has been made public recently that he has proposed as much to Chairman Abu Mazen. Chairman Abu Mazen unfortunately said no. I hope that such an opportunity will recur in the near future and that Palestinians this time, for the first time since 1937, say yes. And that a democratic and peaceful Palestinian state will thereby be created along side the secure Jewish state of Israel.

Yours truly,


Thank you!

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