Ahmed, Egypt

May 29, 2012

do u have ancestors ??if u said yeah so where did they live????

why u came to palestine ??? to live???hhhhhhhh so again why u didint live at he place your ancestors lived in ????

u called us as Terrorist؟؟ so kk but what about u ?? can u imagine if u r a mother and come from your work find your kids are killed by us what would u do ????? 

Dear Ahmed,

Since your question is about who was here first then I am not sure I understand your claim because I do live in the land of my ancestors – Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Kind David and Kind Salomon and many other Jews along the history. There’s more than ample archeological proof attesting to this facts wherever you walk in Israel. So, again, I don’t quite understand the basis for your claim on who was here first. I’m sure that many Palestinian Arab would prefer peace but those acting as suicide bombers and those who send them to kill innocent women and children of busses and in coffee shops they are terrorists and those launching thousands of rockets from Gaza into the south of Israel, looking to kill innocent women and children- they are terrorists and I do not think you can disregard this distinction. However, I do hope that the peaceful voices within the Palestinian people will prevail together with the majority of people in the democratic state of Israel and as such enter a peace accord, which will establish a democratic, peaceful and successful Palestinian state alongside a secure Jewish state in Israel. Can you accept it as the majority of people in Israel have accepted it?

Yours truly,


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