Safwen, Tunisia

June 1, 2012

tunisian man. what is your felling when you kill kids or women or an older 

Dear Safwen,

Thank you very much for your question. I must tell you I do so admire the Tunisian youth who started this whole “Arab Spring”. I thought they were tenacious and brave.

I didn’t kill anyone nor has anybody that I know. We are well trained in the Israeli army to uphold a very strict code of ethics, which calls for the ultimate protection of women and children and any civilians. Many of our combat soldiers have gone to the extent of risking their lives because Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists make it part of their defense to hide behind the skirts of women and to even use children as live shields in combat. Any deviation from that code is dealt harshly by our military courts. What, pray in your opinion should be the faith of those terrorists fighting us for deliberately targeting out women and children with suicide bombers or thousands or rockets launched against us from the Gaza strip even though we evacuated it completely in 2005 already. In any case, I feel sorry for any civilian (on both sides) that suffers from this conflict and hope for it to end soon.

Yours truly,


Thank you!

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