Wael, USA

June 3, 2012

Hi Adam,

I am an American living in Seattle, working for Microsoft, born in Gaza.

Why do you think the peace process is not moving in the right direction? By the way I am pro-one state solution, the land is not big enough to fit two nations, or two counties, lets live in peace together…

Hey Wael-

Before we get to your question – Microsoft, cool!  What do you think of Windows 8?  I downloaded the Developers Release a while back and was quite unimpressed.  It seems like they designed the system specifically for mobile and touch-screen products, unless they’re some major changes I think I’ll be sticking with Windows 7.

On to the question, and it’s quite a loaded one with complexities – all of which I’m sure I don’t comprehend fully.  I think one of the major problems with the stagnation regarding the peace process is the indoctrination (on both sides) of the children to hate.  For instance, schools in the West Bank and in Gaza have been revealed as breeding anti-Israeli sentiment via their textbooks and teachers.  Similarly, Israeli kids are taught to hate Palestinians when their friends or family are injured by a terrorist attack.  I wish it were that simple – to put down our arms and live in peace, but, in my personal opinion, until the Palestinians are able to unite cohesively under a single leader and therefore present a true partner to Israel for peace, we will continue to see such stagnation in the peace process.

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