Rachel, Ethiopia

June 17, 2012


Im an ethiopian girl who will be serving the IDF soon, in about a year.

What kind of jobs are there which are non-combat and i can get into with strong english language skills and poor hebrew skills?

What is the average of working hours a day?

Do we get holidays? and if not, can we arrange our own holidays (around 1 month) and then serve it later?


Hi Rachel,

In case you’re coming to Israel alone, I suggest you check out Garin Tzabar, a program or the Israeli scouts for people who come to Israel to serve in the army.

The main job I can think of which requires a good English is in international relations. I’m sure there are others, which I don’t know about. In any case, keep in mind that the army requires some level of Hebrew, but if you don’t have it, you can end up going to an army ulpan. in the ulpan you’ll learn Hebrew before going into a real army job.

The working hours per day really differ from job to job. If you work at an office your hours might be similar to regular office hours (8-4), with weekend duties every once in a while. Other jobs, however, especially ones on bases further away from the cities have longer hours, but are usually more interesting as well.

As a soldier, you get a few days off for a certain number of days serving, depending on your job. You also get some of the Holidays off, again, depending on the job and situation. If  you are a “lonely soldier” (you’re parents live in another country or your parents live in Israel, but you do not keep in touch with them for some reason), then you’re entitled to 1 month a year to go abroad and visit them (or take this time off if they come to visit you). In this case you can usually have some choice of the time you take your vacation (especially if you are non-combat).
I hope this helps…

Please don’t hesitate to write me again,

All the best,


Thank you!

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