Richard, USA

June 20, 2012

I am 69′ my son served in the first gulf war, my daughter is an RN in cardiac care. I retired from writing contracts for government agencies at 53. My bride of 41 yrs, passed I 2009. Hobbies, firearms and knives. I sharpen by hand for free as it is a zen thing for me. I enjoy the science and mechanics of both as well as environmentally friendly science. Live in Alaska. I was a medic working with the psychiatric unit at a USAF hospital. I write poetry when awakened by the muse. I look forward to conversing. 

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Hello Richard,

My name is Ami, and I am originally from Philadelphia, PA. I am Jewish and always felt very connected to Israel as a Jewish homeland. When I was 21, I decided I wanted to serve in the Israeli army, so I moved to Israel and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, it seems like an amazing place.

If you want to help support Israel, or the Israeli army, it largely depends on what kind of time and/or money you want to put into the effort. One way to support Israel, is to get involved in any local Israel advocacy groups, to help Israel in the Media war that is being waged on our legitimacy to exist and defend ourselves. Another option could be to send donations to organizations that help out Israeli soldiers. Organizations like The Lone Soldier Center and Friends of the IDF, are both great and do a lot of positive things.

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