Sara, Tunisia

July 1, 2012

I teach french in Tunisia

I read your response to Limam of Tunis and let me know if you really think that all Palestinians who die each day are terrorists?

And is it-you really think you have any rights in this war.

And why it’s always self-defense when Gaza is taken in trap for days but it’s terrorism when they reply ?

Thank you

Dear Sara,

Thank you very much for your letter.

Im always happy to receive letters from educated persons, such as yourself, especially so from countries like Tunisia. I say that because I fully admire the Tunisian youth, who very courageously started this whole movement towards democracy in the Arab world, which was named “The Arab Spring”.

As to your first question, we only target terrorists. Sometimes, due to collateral damage, innocent civilians are hurt. In most cases, it is because those terrorist hide behind women and children and use civilians as human shields when they launch rockets directly aimed at our civilian population without any regard to making any differentiation between combatants and not-combatants on out side. While serving as a soldier in the IDF, I and all my fellow soldier have been thoroughly trained in the ethics of soldiering in the IDF, which includes the maxim of refraining almost at all cost from hurting civilians and there many cases where our soldiers have risked their lives and were actually hurt by trying to refrain from hurting civilians while terrorist were hiding behind them. Regarding your question about Gaza, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean that after the IDF evacuated Gaza completely and to the last square meter in 2005 already that the Hammas, who took over in 2007, and the Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organizations have the right to shell our citizens with thousands of rockets from Gaza and we do not have the right to self-defend against it? Or to try and prevent more rockets from reaching those terrorists in Gaza so that they can shell us some more?

I’m very curious for you to tell me how democracy is developing in your country. I’ve heard of course about the peaceful process of elections, which took place in Tunisia, and I admire that. What is your personal perspective, how are you progressing in terms of women’s right? Or in terms of the right for good education and good jobs for young people? Please write.

Yours truly,


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Thank you!

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