Emna, Tunisia

June 28, 2012

When i was child they teach me to respect religion and persons from different religion.

I would like to ask you if one day you live peacefully in your country and you Colonized by germany army what you gone do of course you defend your country so,the palestinians have the right to defend them self

Dear Emna,

Thank you very much for your question. I’m writing year-end exams at university. Still am. So regrets for the delay.

I must say I take my hat off to the young people of Tunisia who have very courageously started this whole wave, which has been named the “Arab Spring.”

Regarding self-defense, everybody has the right to self-defense. As I understand it, you raised the question of who was in Israel first. I think as an educated woman I’m sure you know your history well enough and you must have learned that we’ve been in Israel for thousands of years. And by the way, we too have the right for self-defense. However, if at all possible, I think both the Palestinians and us should better work on our natural right for peace. Everybody has the right for peace. Don’t you think so? Wouldn’t it be better for a secure state of Israel to live side by side with a peaceful state of Palestine?

I’m very curious for you to tell me how democracy is developing in your country. I’ve heard of course about the peaceful process of elections, which took place in Tunisia, and I admire that. What is your personal perspective, how are you progressing in terms of women’s right? In terms of the right for good education and good jobs for young people? Please write.

Yours truly,


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