Ahmed, Tunisia

June 29, 2012

i am Tunisian Man, i have 24 old years. i am muslim and i respect all religions… i live in tunisia and i study computer science.

You look a beautiful women and maybe u have or u will have a nice man and u will got i sweet chikdrens So will u like to see them killed ?

Do u fight for religion views or the country ? if for religion… so i am so sad because u have to search about killing children in the Torah ! and if it’s about the country so sorry again because you have to read History ! maybe let’s know what do u feel when u kill some one ?

All my respect! and i hope to find a good answer

Dear Ahmed,

Thank you very much for your letter. I’m writing year-end exams at university. Still am. So regrets for the delay. Always pleased to receive letters from educated man such as yourself and especially from countries like Tunisia. I must tell you, like I tell most Tunisians who write to me, that I very much respect the courage of the Tunisian youth who started this whole movement towards democracy in the Arab world, which was named “ The Arab Spring”.

I never killed anyone nor has anyone that I know. I know you study computer science as a profession but if you are personally also a student of history as you hint, then you must know the history of this country including the many thousands of year that we have been present here. I don’t think it has anything to do with religion, at least not on our side. We have never tried in thousands of years of history to have our religion take over different countries in the same way that the Muslim religion has been spread. We don’t control many countries like Arabs and Muslims do. Israel is our only country. The country of our forefathers. The country of our children who I would hope will be allowed to live in peace. We hope to be able to live in peace with our neighbors in a secure state of Israel alongside a peaceful, prosperous state of Palestine. Can you accept such a two state solution?

And while we are speaking, I would very much like your opinion as to how democracy is making progress in Tunisia in terms of civil rights, women’s rights, the rights for a good education and a good job for young people. Please write.

Yours truly,


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