Wael, USA

June 24, 2012

I am an American Palestinian, living in Seattle, born in Gaza.

Why are the Palestinian and Israelis are still enemy, and can’t fine a common ground to live together for love and peace?

This is not a question rather an answer to my own question, and still would like to get your answer. I think because one side is a super power with all the West and US as a big supporters, and the other is so week, with out any support except moral or religious support (I mean the Arabs or from the Muslims world). So Negotiations with someone not in your level of power is always waste of time. Please understand that this is my opinion, and not intended for any arguments. By the way I am pro one-State Solution and not two states as the whole land is not big enough for two nations, and also we will be fighting for ever, but one country with one government that will have both people will be the best solution. Please tell me what is your own answer and opinion?.

Your Friend, Wael

Dear Wael,

I very much hope that we may be able to live in peace side by side. I am a supporter of a two state solution because it has nothing to do with the size of the land. The viability of a state is no longer a question of the size of its real estate but more a question of the innovation its people may be able to produce. I am quite confident and independent Palestinian state along side a secure state of Israel may very much gain by the strong economy in Israel, which is based on science and hi tech and innovation. As we speak, there are software houses in Ramallah receiving work and giving software solutions to hi tech companies in Israel. This may only grow if the future Palestinian state will live in peace with us. The call for a one state solution as you mentioned is usually a disguise for those wishing the none existence of Israel as a Jewish state and the excuse of the size of the land is flimsy. Hong Kong and Singapore, for instance, are much smaller than the proposed Palestinian state, which does not prevent them from being very successful economically and very advanced in terms of innovation. Knowing the Palestinians capacity for such innovation, I strongly believe that a peaceful Palestinian state alongside a secure Jewish state of Israel will be very viable and successful economically and from all other point od view. Can you accept that?

Yours truly,


Thank you!

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