Jordan, Philippines

July 17, 2012

I’m JORDAN from Philippines, looking a friend to be my chatmate at friend a soldier’s site. a friend’s attitudes looking for are humble,kind, believing in God,lovely,friendly & honest in everything.

I’m a friendly, lovely person. I’m a newly on this site at friend a soldier let me know on what are the purposes on this site for me in friend a soldier?

Are you a jew from Israel?

I’m a Filipino from Philippines. Are there some restriction in Jewish culture concerning relationship from Non-jews?

Hi Jordan,

Welcome to Friend A Soldier.

The purpose of the site is for people around the world to get to know the “people behind the soldiers”. We are here to answer question about anything relating to Israel and our army. We see that Israel is usually shown badly in world press, so we’re offering a point of view from inside. Our goal is to open a line of communication and promote dialog and understanding.

I am an Israeli Jew. I’m a secular Jew, and consider myself an Israeli before a Jew. Judaism does not have any restrictions on relationships and communications with everyone. The state of Israel doesn’t have any such restrictions either. Actually, we don’t even have restrictions on places we can visit from the Israeli point of view (although some countries won’t let us in on their side…)

All the best,


In Israeli army, why Israelis always fighting against the palestinian’s territory in Gaza strip including west bank?

Is it the negotiations are not acceptable for the palestinian to reside the border?

By the way questions outside the topic from friend a soldier, Is it ok for you to know each other?

Hi Jordan,

I’m not sure I understood your question, but I hope this will answer it. The Israeli army fights against its bordering enemies. Sadly, there are people on the Palestinian side (and I know it’s only a minority) who consider Israel their enemy and fights us. In these cases, we fight back. Our army tries not to start a fight or hurt civilians, unless it’s impossible to do otherwise.

About your second question, we can get to know each other through Friend a Soldier, if this is what you’re looking for… If you’re interested, feel free to tell me stuff about the Philippines, since I don’t know anything about your country.

All the best,



By the way I’m interesting to know about in your jewish culture?

What are the do’s and don’ts about jewish culture?

What is your opinion in concern about christianity? are there some differences between Judaism and Christianity in concern about doctrinal would you help me to know the answers?


Hi Jordan,

I think your questions should be more specific. As in any religion, there are a lot of rules. Also, I can answer about the more basic ones, but since I’m not a religious person, I cannot do much more than that.

About your other emails, your country seems like a very interesting place to visit, hopefully one day I’ll get there too :)

As I wrote you before, I don’t have any problem communicating with a non-Jewish guy, but this site is not the one to do it thru. I’m here to answer your questions, but I am not looking for a relationship.

All the best,


Thank you!

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