Shelly, USA

August 2, 2012

Hey Nate,

I’m from new york, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about joining the IDF.

Just read your story and I was wondering, what made you want to immigrate to Israel, let along join the army?

Hello Shelly,

Thank you for your question.

I wanted to immigrate because I fell in love with the idea of Zionism. Specifically, the idea that the Jewish people could reinvent themselves was tremendously impressive to me. In college, I read all I could get my hands on regarding the Zionist movement. About halfway through college I decided that after graduation I would immigrate.

My army story is a little different. I was drafted for 6 months, but later found out I couldn’t do anything at all interesting in that amount of time. I was considering signing more time in order to enter the press corps, because I wanted to work in journalism afterward. Instead I joined an infantry unit, because I decided that the experience I gained would be overall more valuable.

Thanks for your question. I hope your journey is even more rewarding for you than it has been for me.

Good luck.

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Thank you!

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