Dean, UK

December 17, 2012


Hi, I’m English and would like to understand the conflict better. We only ever seem to get the Palestinian side. 

Do you think that Britain as a country is anti Israeli. On many sites I’ve been on many Israelis think so. Is there any ill feeling towards Britain from the time of the British Mandate ?

Are you in favour of settlements. We have a very negative view here of Settlers being racist. Is this true?

I read your bio Yoga and vegan food!You sound like a typical hippy. Was being in the IDF like what you expected?

Hi Dean,

First of all thank you for visiting the site. To answer your question, I must first tell you that I have only been to England once and it was when I was young, so I do not remember if it felt pro or anti-Israel. Personally, I think that Britain is not as pro-Israel as America and I believe that most Israelis would agree with me on that. In all of my years in Israel I have never heard any Israelis speak negatively about the British Mandate.

As far as settlements are concerned, you must keep in mind that people who grow up in settlements do not consider themselves as living somewhere that they are not supposed to. To the people living in the settlements, the settlement is their home. There are many settlers and I suppose that there are probably some that are racist, but most are not. I think that most settlements should be evacuated to create a two state solution because in my opinion that is what is best for the possibility of a lasting peace.

My service in the IDF was definitely not how I expected it would be. I was not vegan when I was in the army, but I suppose that I expected my service to be harder physically, when it ended up being harder mentally.

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