Rhonda, USA

December 17, 2012

Rhonda, USA

Rhonda Blender
One of the earlier followers of this initiative who is darn glad that this site is back up from its maintenance!

What is your point of view about what the Election Committee should do regarding MK Zoabi? On one hand, in a democracy, there’s the whole freedom of speech thing. On the other hand, at least in the US that doesn’t include taking up arms against the government including our armed forces. She was on the Marmari and I believe she’s been in protest marches in which things were thrown at IDF troops. There is an article this morning in YNet which says that disqualifying her from the Knesset just provides fuel against Israel’s claim to being a democracy. In the past on this site I’ve had some pretty cool discussions about the nature of Israel’s democracy and yet when I heard she has done the above sort of things I felt, “are we naive to allow her behavior?” I’m not sure that someone doing what she is doing would be allowed to remain in Congress. 

Hello Rhonda,

I do not agree with many of the things that MK Zoabi has done. But on the other hand it is good that there are people like that in the Knesset because it shows the world that is Israel is a true democracy.

It is hard to define what Israel’s identity as a Jewish democracy is. In my opinion this idea of a Jewish democracy is very dynamic and must adapt and change over time in order for Israel to truly remain a democracy and retain its Jewish character.

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