Stephanie, USA

December 19, 2012

About me – I live in the United States. Im a Christian who loves Israel.
Question 1 – Are yall really going to give more land up?
Question 2 – How can you make peace with people who want death?

Hi Stephanie,

I’m not really sure if Israel will give up more land. It looks very likely as a part of a peace deal. Many Israelis are in favour of land for peace but equally there are those opposed to the idea.

You can’t really make peace with those that want your death. You need to find the moderates that can control the extremist and make deals with them. I’m not so certain that land for peace will ensure a safe future for Israel and it’s citizens. Israel gave up the Sinai for peace with Egypt, 30 years on things aren’t looking so great…

Let’s hope for the best


Thank you!

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