Yelizaveta (Liza), USA

December 22, 2012

About me – I just finished my Veterinary Technology degree. Next semester I’ll study Chemistry so I can go to Vet school. I love arts and crafts. I speak Russian and English fluently.
Question 1 – I heard Tzfat is a big artist community it that true? Can artists make a living in Israel? Because they sure can’t here.
Question 2 – I read articles about dogs being able to smell for cancer. Then I learned that rats have more sensitive noses than dogs. Why can’t Israel train rats, dogs or mice to smell for cancer? It is so much cheaper than an MRI or Cat scan… (haha cat scan… Rat sniffing you..)
Question 3 – Is 29 too old to join the army?

Hi Liza,

There used to be a very large artist community in Tzfat, but sadly it has shrunk over there years. About 30 years ago it was a bustling hub, the city is quite dead at the moment. Artists struggle over here, too.

I have also heard about the dogs that can smell cancer. It’s pretty amazing. I’m not so certain that a rat or dog sniffing someone is the best form of diagnosis. MRIs and CTs do a pretty good job.

29 is not too old to join the army. I have a friend that joined at the age of 31 and he had a very successful service.
Are you thinking about joining the army here?


Thank you!

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