December 23, 2012

I am an 18 year old Canadian Jewish university student. My ancestors have always been Israeli, having inhabited on record the Haifa-Nazareth region since the times of Augustus Caesar, and perhaps even before.

There is a large Palestinian community where I live. They are very against Operation Cast Lead and bring all these facts and figures that, from what I have gathered, are true, well-sourced, and hard to contend with. I cannot bear that my countrymen are killing so many Palestinians already, but is it really our fault? I mean we would never just kill without the best reason, right? Could you help me understand the current situation in Gaza and why Israel needs to invade. Even then, small Palestinian rockets are no match for our elite forces and weapons even proven so by the death tolls, heavy on the Palestinian side. What is going on? Are we merciless and ruthless like they say? I cannot bring myself to believe that. It hurts.

I do not feel safe or belonging here in the city where I live. I do not feel at home inCanada. I wish for aliyah. How would I go about doing so and what is the best plan for a student like me without losing out on education and such? I would like to join the IDF and help protect my people and eventually be a permanent Israeli citizen. You are from New Jersey, I believe you know what is best more so than others. How long will it take for all of this and will the government of Israel assist me?

Hi Moishe,

 Thank you for writing.

 Please understand that the Israeli people are people just like you! We share the same value system that honors and respects human life and happiness.   The media which caters to the masses, has very little interest in presenting the actual true picture and the true information. Please analyze the inflammatory reporting through your own prism.Literally we would do whatever you would under similar situations.

WhenIsraelleftGazain2005 inhopes for peace, the Palestinian people took advantage to turn the area into a launchpad for rockets and missiles towards Israeli towns and villages. There have been over 14,000 countless terror attacks insideIsrael.

However, it is only whenIsraelresponds that the Palestinians are crying foul. Do not be fooled by the Palestinian people’s vicious propaganda.

 Making aliyah is quite simple. The country ofIsraelhelps tremendously in the process in terms of shelter,food and money. They supply you with a free education and many more benefits that people who make aliyah receive. You may contact an organization called “Nefesh Be’Nefesh” that will guide you through the whole process of aliyah. It is easy, simply and the best thing I have ever done! I highly suggest it!!


Thank you!

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