Oryina, Nigeria

December 23, 2012

I’m from Benue State of Nigeria and a christian who is in love with Israel just as God is.

By reason of your profile, what made you to leave the States to Israel in order to join the IDF? I’m really curious. 
How was your experience as a fitness instructor? 
Still with the IDF? If not, why leave? 

 Hi Oryina,

 Thank you for writing.

   While the United States is a great country and the leader of the free world, it is the state of Israel that is on the front-lines.Israelis surrounded by very non-democratic and oppressive regimes who are as dangerous to their own people as they are to the free world. I believe that the most important place for every freedom loving person who holds enlightened and democratic values is along side the state of Israel, especially at this difficult hour. Therefore, I decided to place my feet where it really counts knowing that I would be one step closer to saving the world from tyranny and oppression.

 I greatly enjoyed serving as a fitness instructor in the IDF. I trained air defense combat soldiers, which is in high demand due to the multiple threats that Israel is facing.I was treated respectfully as a professional instructor and while training high officers in very prestigious positions in the army, I enjoyed the respect and the authority that came along with the job. Overall, my time serving in the army was impactful and meaningful and I enjoyed every moment.

 In Israel, Girls are required to serve for two years and boys are required to serve for three years. I served for two years as required.

Hope my answers helped!


Thank you!

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