Michael, U.S.A.

December 25, 2012

About me – I am a Christian currently living in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. I support the nation of Israel, and pray for her safety.
Question 1 – Are you married?
Question 2 – Do you have children?
Question 3 – If you should continue to pursue a political career, would you be active in Israel, or in a more international role? Thank you.

 Hi Michael,


First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! It’s nice to meet you. Currently, I am not married and do not have any children, but I am involved in a serious relationship with a man who I would love to marry and have a future with one day. Right now, I am studying in University and would like to finish my degree before I get married and start a family. My goal is to participate in politics here in Israel. Since, I’m an American who was born in raised in Los Angeles I believe that my niche is to work between Israel and the United States. I believe that Americans and Israelis have much more in common than they think. We both want the same thing. A peaceful life for our children and the freedom to be who ever we want and not be targeted by a specific group. My dream job would be to serve in the foreign ministry and show the world what a great country Israel is. I don’t feel like the world sees the facts, yet the perception of people who are anti-Israel.  This is not acceptable in my opinion and Israel must do something about it. I hope that we speak again and I wish you only the best!




Thank you!

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