Rhonda, USA

December 25, 2012

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Question 1 – Maya, Shalom and Happy Chanukah. I see that you might pursue a political career. What is your point of view of Netanyahu’s decision to respond to the UNGA vote by announcing building in E1? I don’t know how I feel about this! All it seemed to do was make the world mad. On the other hand, the world didn’t seem to care about Israel’s perception when they voted in the UNGA…There is a part of me that says the heck with the world given how the world is treating Israel. But then, can we survive with the entire world against us? What do you think? Thank you. Rhonda


Dear Rhonda,


First of all, Merry Christmas! Thank you for raising this issue. It is a great question! Let me answer your question in a few parts. E1 is a territory in the vicinity of Jerusalem, which connects one of the largest Israeli settlements in the West Bank. I’m not here to give my opinion on the settlements, it is a rather controversial issue, but I will try to draw it out for to better understand it. Yes, the statement following the UNGA’s vote regarding a Palestinian non-member observer state was a reply to the unilateral move, but it has been in the process of building in E1 for some time now.


I believe that the world sees the wrong perception of Israel. Unfortunately, for years we did not represent our self and show the world how Israeli is a nation of peace, love, and understanding. Now is the time to show that Israel does want peace. The media needed a reaction story for the UNGA vote and they found one by using the first statement that PM Benjamin Netanyahu made. Yes, it was a statement made because of the UNGA vote but it was nothing new and this is something that the media doesn’t show, because this story does not sell. This decision was decided beforehand and if you look at the Israeli map it makes perfect sense, because we are building from Jerusalem to one of our largest Israeli settlements. There has been building in the E1 area for years now, so when Israel announced that it’s going to continue building there following the vote, it did not change the strategic balance of the conflict as the world media proposed it to be. Again, the mere announcement is purely in retaliation of the vote, but one must look at the context of the situation before retaliating like some European countries did.


Rhonda, I really feel that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Israel’s survival. I also believe that the truth will prevail. We now live in a world where everything you say is said to be biased, and untrue. Yet, these are merely perceptions of the truth. There can only be one solid truth and it is our duty to show that truth to the world.


I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Thank you!

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