January 9, 2013

Jeremy Jenkins
29, recently discovered my family heritage is Persian, Jewish and German. I love learning about cultures, religions and languages.
What was it like to make the aliyah to Israel? Did you speak Hebrew and is it hard to learn?
What is one of the most memorable times you experienced in Israel, good and bad?
How are you and your family now that you have made the move? Were they supportive?

Hi Jeremy,

Making aliyah was a great experience. My parents are Israeli and I have family in Israel so I already spoke Hebrew fluently and has family here which made the process much easier. However there is ulpan for people who don’t speak Hebrew which teaches them the language and host families who take in people who don’t have family here.
A memorable experience in Israel is definitely all the lasting friendships and people I have met. The people here are incredible warm-hearted, friendly and caring and no matter where I go people are always inviting me and treating me like their own daughter. Being in Israel is like living in one big family. Everyone knows everyone and everyone cares about everyone just like family.
In terms of a bad experience, it is scary when sirens go off warning citizens of a rocket attack fired from hateful Palestinians in gaza. It is scary to think that there are so many hateful Palestinian people who only have one goal in life, which is to kill Israeli people. They fire rockers at innocent civilian towns which is quite scary.
Since my family is Israeli and both my parents served in the IDF, they were very supportive and encouraged me to do what I did. I was raised in a house where Israel and Judaism was at our core values. The important of Israel in our family was a significant reason I decided to serve in the IDF.

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