January 9, 2013

Youness Eljabri
so how does it feel to kill Palestinian childrens ?
are you proud to be a girl from israel ?
how does it feel to know that the whole world hates you ?
Dear Youness,
Israelis warn Palestinian civilians before attacking and never attack civilians. That is a lie.
I am very proud to be a girl from Israel since over the past 64 years Israel has been a true isolated democratic Island, surrounded by abusive totalitarian regimes who instead of answering the plight of their own oppressed people, cleverly and deceptively continued to point their bloody fingers towards Israel. Only in Israel, all Arab men and WOMEN have equal rights and citizenship.
Most of the dark repressive world indeed doesn’t like us. This is only because of the progressive democratic values we represent. Tyrannical totalitarian regimes such as in most Arab countries such as, Turkey and Iran, fear progress, democracy and enlightenment. They would prefer to perpetuate hate, ignorance and violence rather than risk losing power in their own corrupt state. Have you ever heard of a corruption case in Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Authority, Turkey or Iran??

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