January 9, 2013

 abdel rhman

 Im 23 Law School graduate My favorite hobby boxing Single

Any country you love thee America or Israel and why؟ :)

Why not join the U.S. team in gymnastics ؟

When you get undergraduate degree in business Do you join the military or complete your career with yourself

Dear Abdel,


I love and respect both countries, the USA and Israel since both countries align with my democratic progressive values. I chose to live in Israel since here is my true home as well as my national and my personal identity. This has been my people’s homeland for the past 4,000 years and I would love to help preserve it that way.

Thank you for the compliment however I have already retired from gymnastic career several years ago. I still keep in shape but still far from competitive fitness.

I plan to complete my studies and  to do it well. Then I will choose the most fitting career path. I will love for it to be challenging, happy and rewarding.


Thank you for your interest Abdel and I wish you the very best!



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