Anonymous, Middle East

January 14, 2013

About me – i am a translator working i an arab country and i am a kurdish man
Question 1 – do you have time for love and life
Question 2 – do you think that women are equals to men in army
Question 3 – what do you think about Israil in the future i mean do you think that it will survive or not


 Thank you for taking the time to right me. To answer your first question about love and life… I think that every University student all over the world doesn’t really have time.  I mean as a translator you probably studied in an University and you must have remembered not sleeping, studying all day, eating pasta (because it’s the fastest food to make). I have some time but I am very lucky that I found my boyfriend before school and now we live together so we make time for each other, no matter how hard life gets. 

I think that women and men are very equal in the army. I felt that as a woman the army gave me such an important job and I was able to teach men and hopefully give them tips that would one day save their lives. The men respected me very much and actually helped me with everything they could. I was very lucky and I think that it is amazing how much respect I got from them.

I think that Israel will definitely survive. I don’t have one doubt about it. Israel is such a fascinating country. After everything that has happened here, the country continues to strive and grow. We built such a beautiful place out of a plain desert in only 64 years. It is really fascinating here! I invite you to come see the beauty that it is. The question is not if we are going to survive it is how we are going to survive. I hope that it is in peace because that is the only way to live with your neighbors. We are all human beings and we all want the same for our children. 

I hope I was able to answer your questions and I wish you only peace and happiness in your life.

Best wishes,


Thank you!

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