January 14, 2013

About me – Im an Indian, working in a private sector,Tea Factory as an Asst Factory officer for the 19 years. During my studies itself I got a chance to enter in company. Due to this I couldn’t complete my graduation. Very begining it was seemed very apt to me. But year after now I feel very difficult to escpae from it. lot of things I want to share with u mam that i will tell in my next mail.
Question 1 – Can I get a Job (What ever it is) there at Israel under ur kind recomendation?
Question 2 – If u arranging me a Job opportunity there , When Shall I proceed?
Question 3 – Shall I expect a favourable reply from ur side?

Hi Biju Joseph,

Thank you for writing me. I understand that you would like to come to Israel and work here. I believe that in order to do so you must look for a company that will hire your expertise. I am only a student so I cannot help you with that. I know that many people come to work in Israel, but they do so by getting a special working permit before they arrive. I suggest you do the same because Israel has very strict laws on migration.

I hope that I was able to help you and that it works out for you.

Good luck,


Thank you!

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