Sahil, Unknown

January 14, 2013

Question 1 – before taking any action on duty do u think weather its allowable in front of God

Dear Sahil,

It’s nice to talk to you. I thought your question was very interesting. Before I act I always pray to G-d that I am making the right decision. I think G-d is the greatest reason for my existence, health, happiness, and success. I believe that I would not have come to Israel is G-d did not guide me here. He is the one that led me here and he is the one that protected me. Only with his wishes have I been able to succeed. Every day I pry to G-d to continue giving me hope, faith, and strength to succeed and I wish that for you as well. May your life be filled with G-d and love, because G-d’s purpose is for us to live, and that is something we must never forget.

If you have any other questions for me, I’d love to answer them.

Have an amazing week,


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