Salaam, Iraq

January 15, 2013

I am a man from iraq I love all the peoples of the world at different religion and ethnicity
My question is whether you really brutally treated the Palestinians and violence
You are a beautiful woman, whether to accept the marriage of a Muslim Arab?
I love Israel, and I hope not know the friends of Israel To exchange ideas and know each other’s cultures Can this and how?

Dear Salaam (what a beautiful name) apparently we are all praying for you,

The Israeli army is the most moral and ethical army in the world . We take extreme measures to avoid civilian casualties. The Israeli defense forces (IDF) in my opinion is far too anemic in dealing with Palestinian violence. No other country in the middle east or throughout the world would allow 14,000 rockets , missiles, deadly bombers and explosives to go with no significant response. I believe that in our drive not to hurt “innocent” people we have made a mockery out of ourselves.
A peaceful solution can and should be achieved in a violence- free environment. Protests and demonstrations are acceptable but killing and bombing other people is not.
We all live together in this great neighborhood, you are our cousins. Lets invest in agriculture, science and technology to improve quality of life for all of us . Lets open up all orders and establish a free-trade zone. I believe that the recent shift towards democracy and human rights in the Arab world may help bring my dreams closer to reality.

Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate that.

All the best Salaam. You are very welcome to come visit us and see for yourself!!!

Thank you!

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