Anonymous, Fiji

January 21, 2013

About me – iam in the fiji army serving in sinai penusular

are we fijian soliders able to marry isarel women soliders?
are fijian soliders able to join israel army?
are u married?



Thank you for writing to me and taking an interest in the website.
I have never met anyone from Fiji before, let alone from the Fijan army!

The Sinai Peninsula is so beautiful, I used to go quite often for holidays.

If you find a female IDF soldier and you want to be married than there is no law against it. Israel is free country. Israeli citizen can marry whoever they want. However, in Judaism, a Jew cannot be married to a non-Jew by a Rabbi. Therefore, if you are not Jewish you can only have a civil marriage with an Israeli, which will not be recognized as a Jewish union and would not be given marital benefits by the state of Israel. In my opinion, these laws should be changed in the future. Personally I am not married yet so I have not come into too much contact with the marital laws of the state.

To answer your second question: Fijan soldiers can definitely volunteer in the Israel Defense forces. I had many volunteers as a Sar-El guide that had served in other militaries. If you are interested in serving in the IDF, how long would you want to serve and what sort of job? Look up Sar-El or Mahal programs and see what options they have for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. I’m happy to answer any of your questions.




Thank you!

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