Anonymous, India

February 9, 2013

About me – I am 27 from india, i would like to have a penpal from holy land. i have read and watched lots about Palestine. i would like to know more about your country. 
apart from your birth place, where do you want to go and visit? Do you like India?
have you ever visited any asian countries?
what do you like most to do in your free times?

Thank you for writing to me, I would be happy to be your ‘Penpal from the holy land’!

I am sure that much of what you have read and watched doesn’t paint the most accurate picture of my country, Israel. Israel is beautiful place with deserts, mountains (even snow capped mountains in the North!), bustling cities and amazing beaches. I recommend to anyone that takes an interest to go see you for themselves! There is a lot more to Israel than the overanalyzed, overemphasized and highly misrepresented oversimplified conflict.

I love to travel, I hope to some day visit India too! Many Israeli’s go to India after their army service, they travel there for many months. I would like to see Australia and New Zealand, China, Japan, Thailand… there’s a long list! The furthest East I have been is to Cambodia, the only Asian country I have been to so far. I went on a volunteering house-building and orphanage project there in 2009 with ‘Tabitha’. It was pretty remarkable; I had never been anywhere like that before.

In my free time, I enjoy writing, singing, running, seeing (and sometimes making) art and travelling around Israel. There are many art galleries in Israel, especially in Yaffo and Tel Aviv, I enjoy the old city there and in all the little streets you can always find new things.

If you would like to know more about Israel, feel free to ask me more questions!



Thank you!

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