Darrell, Canada

March 3, 2013

Name – Darrell Ostrovski

About me – I enjoy hunting Deer, Waterfowl and upland game, and shooting trap, skeet and .223 small bore rifle competativly. My interest in Photography started out at about the age of 9 running around the neighborhood with my mothers old 120 twin reflex trying to capture any creature willing to pose for me. I found this empowering the idea that I could record a image frozen in time that no one else could reproduce exactly, what I soon found was it was not as easy as I had first thought and here begins my continued quest to become a better photographer each and every time I would pick up a camera, read, or watch anything related to making a better Image. While this Blog will be about my Professional career in Photography it will also introduce my personnel side as I feel it this this that drives me to seek “perfection” and thus my passion called Photography. I work via the Internet on Jewish and Israel issues that the world understands how biased the media worldwide is. I’m Russian and am involved in the community in my city of which there are both Jews & Christians. I am very active on my FB on all matters affecting Israel and am proud of my Primeminister Stephan Harpers continued unwaving support of Israel.

How do you feel the changes that the Obama adminastration regarding Israel will change how Israel defends it’s self. ( I use the increased financial and arms sent to Israel’s enemies as an example.

Do you think being a very atractive woman in IDF service made things harder with other Female soliders and respect from Males.

Making Aliyah and then serving in the IDf, what do you most take from the experience.


Dear Darrell,

As opposed to your Prime Minister’s solid positions, unfortunately President Obama’s indecisive appeasing positions, as one of the leaders of the free world, severely affects the US stature and moral conviction. Since as has been stated numerous times by ruling elements in the non- democratic world, they are not looking for peaceful progressive co-existence based on mutual respect and constructive engagement. What we perceive as compromise, an attempt to find a middle road, is perceived by these elements as validation of their aggressive violent stance since it brings about the caving in of the US and its western allies.

Being an “attractive” or less “attractive” women had no affect whatsoever on the respect women receive. The soldiers and the people around respect one another by their position and work ethics rather than by appearance.

Serving in the IDF has permanently altered my frame of reference. Most things that I took for granted, I now greatly enjoy. I greatly enjoy the smallest privileges that we have in life. I appreciate the fact that I can shower for more than 3 minutes in hot water. I am blessed with many new friends who I love and trust them to help me when and if needed, which they have proven so far. I see personal, national and international issues from a more mature, realistic and bias free viewpoint. I learned about my strengths and my weaknesses and I learned how far I was from reaching my limits.


Thanks for writing,



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