Rhonda, USA

March 12, 2013


There was something in the news this week that when Obama comes to Israel he is going to demand a timeline for a pullout by Israel from the West Bank. I’m not sure how reliable this source was though. Even if he did this, I can’t see how it would work. First, there are a lot of Israeli communities and I don’t see those residents just happily picking up their belongings and doing this- wouldn’t this start a civil war? Second, given what happened with Gaza, why would anyone jump on board this idea? Did you see this in the news? What did you think about it? As always, thank you very much for your time and insights!

Dear Rhonda,

I believe President Obama means well wishes, peace and harmony like. His erroneous approach is grounded in fundamental misunderstanding of Israel’s neighborhood, the Middle East and the Arab/Muslim mentality. The formula of land for peace may make sense to a modern progressive individual raised in democratic countries.

However, it has never EVER worked in the Middle East. On the contrary, every time Israel gave up any of its territory with the hope of advancing towards peace, it backfired and led to further terror violence targeting Israel and Israeli citizens.

Peace is a state of mind, friendship, acceptance and mutually rewarding secured relationships. Any attempt to knock our head against the wall and insist on a land for peace solutions is unfortunately doomed to fail. Anybody who thinks the contrary needs to look at the map of the Middle East, where the state of Israel is a matchbox at the corner of a football field as compared to Arab lands. Not to mention that when the West Bank and Gaza was under Arab control of Jordan and Egypt- why wasn’t a Palestinian state established back then and when was the Palestinian nation invented and for what purpose?


Thank you for writing. I hope my response helps.


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