anonymous, Israel

March 17, 2013

What background (eda) are you? I have a FB friend from Libya who wants to speak to Libyan Jews in Israel. Do you know any who will speak to him?



First of all thanks for coming onto friend a soldier and for your question. well to answer you question i don’t think i can be to much help for your friend as i am from a European background. I’m not even sure if i know any Libyan Jews here, if i do come across any i will definitely let you know. i know I’m not from Libya but if your friend needs to ask some one a question he or she can always come on the website and ask any questions that they might have. i hope that i have answered some of your questions and that it helped you out. i hope to hear some more questions that you have in the future.

like i said feel free to tell your friend about the website.

take care friend.


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